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blackdatafeed [instrumental mix]
blackdatafeed was dumped in favour of (a)=arcsin towards the end of the scree's a solid melodic track with some oldschool body music influences. initially intended to have female vocals & lots of vocoder, it may show up in some form on a future release.
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deliverance [instrumental mix]
one of the earlier songs written for scree. originally slated to kick off the fourth act of scree, this song never seemed to come together. great groove, some nice instrumental melodies, but it always seemed to mix as less than the sum of it's parts. may appear as a heavily reworked b-side in the future if i ever manage to get a decent mix happening. usurped by dying into the new on the album.
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magnets coil [fvl remix]
a slowed down, funked up, instrumental remix of Magnets Coil by pioneering NZ EBM act, & current industrial disco legends FEARvLOATHINC. i love this mix, but it just didn't seem to sit well with the tone of the first E.P. will probably wind up on a later release. the bassline kills me...
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hymn_01 [alt instrumental mix]
an alternate mix of the track hymn_01, recorded at the same time as the original. more aggressive & teched up than the version that eventually made the album. the programming is a lot busier & didn't support the vocal melody as effectively. this mix is far more interesting as an instrumental in my opinion.
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defining moments in media history part 1 [demo excerpt]
the initial idea for scree's evolving melody took seed in this track, however as the album's subject matter was refined, it just didn't seem to "feel" right. part of a series that was replaced by satellites/braun-tube/church/martyrs/exit. another excuse to give some of the older synths in the VET_Labs arsenal a workout though.
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arcsin [vegas dub]
a remix intended for a compilation that never saw release. in the end possibly just as well considering the sheer number of uncleared oldskool hiphop samples. fleshes the song out & has a nice half-tempo groove.
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prozac, god & the atomic bomb [xenophobe mix]
a remix that appeared on the blc compilation Interbreeding III. adding a monster groove & some seriously aggro anaglogue synth.
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valium: toxicity v2.0 - b-sides.
the following songs were originally released in early 2002 as b-sides for the valium whip single. they formed an initial signifier as to the direction the follow-up to rust: a fiction was intended to head. songs that fall more into the germ of scree rather than a hangover from rust. anemic hearts & the body politic especially explore some of the themes that eventually found their way onto scree:transmissions. previously only available as a limited edition CD single.

anne k.
a b-side from 2002. track 2 from the valium: toxicity v2.0 CD single.
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radiate [withdrawal]
a b-side from 2002. track 3 from the valium: toxicity v2.0 CD single.
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anemic hearts
a b-side from 2002. track 4 from the valium: toxicity v2.0 CD single.
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the body politic
a b-side from 2002. track 5 from the valium: toxicity v2.0 CD single.
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a b-side from 2002. track 6 from the valium: toxicity v2.0 CD single.
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